Accept Contactless Card Payments 

Get paid faster with a SumUp card reader

Turbo charge your invoices by allowing your customers to pay you using credit and debit cards with the SumUp card reader.

  • You complete a job
  • You raise an invoice with Powered Now
  • Your customer can then use a credit, debit, Apple or Google pay.
  • Your invoice is automatically marked as paid in Powered Now
  • Easy!


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Even more ways to get paid

As well as the new SumUp online payments, Powered Now also supports the SumUp card reader. This means you can accept chip and pin / contactless payments without the headaches.

When you sign up you get 30 days free processing and card reader for only £25, thats cheaper than going direct.*

*offer may be removed without notice

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Get paid quickly

Chip & Pin, Online and Contactless


Offer credit

If you can accept card, you can offer credit, meaning customers can take larger jobs


Low fees

30 days free processing, then just 1.69% after


"Great communications with a super slick app. This makes any business look 100% more professional and allows you to quickly move through the day without the need for spending waisted time on paperwork. I recommend this to all looking at other brands. It has worked very well for me and my business."
Aaron B